Why Pakpobox

At Pakpobox we take innovation seriously. We always work side by side with our customers and partners to develop new applications, such as screenless lockers, adjustable doors, object detection sensors, RFID, and face recognition technologies.

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A Global Network

As the largest smart locker solutions provider in South East Asia, we are rapidly expanding to Australia, US, Latin America, and Europe — connecting the world country by country, location by location.








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Postal & Logistics Solution

Pakpobox has developed a reputation as a reliable partner and solutions provider of international logistics companies and postal institutions.


Pakpobox has expanded smart locker solutions to shopping malls, offering users online services including reserving, ordering, selecting a rental period and QR code scanning to open lockers.

Real Estate

As a platform for lifestyle services, Pakpobox is becoming more and more present in people's community life. In Hong Kong, Pakpobox has launched an innovative laundry locker which integrates laundry, dry cleaning and parcel delivery services, solving traditional laundry problems.

Corporate & Government

Pakpobox provides total self-storage/delivery solutions, expediting internal document delivery, and avoiding face to face delivery. The Pakpobox corporate application optimizes personnel allocation and reduces human resource costs and explores more service approaches.