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Pakpobox Customized Intelligent Parcel Locker for Yahoo Hong Kong

Since the year 2014, Pakpobox has been the supplier of Yahoo Hong Kong. In the middle of November, 2014, Yahoo Digital Locker customized by Pakpobox was officially launched and set in Mong Kok, HK.

Pakpobox has deployed about 200 locker compartments. Online customers can choose Yahoo Digital Locker as a recipient address and pick up anytime. The intelligent parcel lockers implement self-service process and promote logistics delivery efficiency.

Presently in the beginning of launch, Yahoo Digital locker stores clothes and small equipment as delivery experiment, and the pick-up period every day is from 11:00 am to 23:00 pm. The parcels are delivered by Morning Express which is one of the largest local courier company in HK.

Chen Haoran, the supervisor of E-commerce Department of Yahoo Hong Kong, highly endorsed the application of intelligent parcel lockers. He said intelligent lockers provide solutions on problems of regional distribution and time difference between courier and customers.

Chen qitao, the vice president of Yahoo Hong Kong, considered that operators should analyze consuming habits among different areas in Hong Kong and widely collect users’ opinions. He said intelligent parcel lockers are long-term investment from user experience.