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Pakpobox was one of the first intelligent locker products into China market, and has been one of the best self-service delivery solution suppliers.

Nowadays E-Commerce has been an essential part of our Internet life. However, Last Mile Problem is becoming increasingly serious and obstacles the development of E-Commerce.

PakpoBox is a 24/7 intelligent self-service delivery and pickup solution that integrates the Internet of Things, IT, cutting-edge encryption, and cloud-computing technologies to provide reliable logistics services for customers.

Pakpobox cabinets utilize high quality metal produced from Top 10 metal suppliers in China. Each Pakpobox is assembled with large, medium and small size cabinets, which meets most parcel size requirements.

Pakpobox also equips RFID reader, industrial graded locks, UPS power supply, infrared sensor, CCTV and other relevant hardware installations.